Editor's Choice:
So you have collected too much genealogy information to keep in your head (OK really on paper), and you want to store it in a computer. I would have to recommend for those starting out in genealogy as well as for the avid user, Personal Ancestral File or PAF. It has come a long way from its DOS days and landed itself in the Windows world (both PC and MAC). As I understand it is the most widely used software and not just because it is FREE. It has the quality of stability as well as features most genealogists would ever use. I use it, and my wife uses it. I think the reason for its high marks come from its origins which is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They in fact have a great interest in family history and genealogy. So where do you get PAF, You can download your favorite flavor of PAF on the FamilySearch.org website.

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